About Us

Who We Are

Every Learner Everywhere (ELE) is a network of 12 partner organizations that collaborate with higher education institutions to improve student outcomes through innovative teaching strategies, including the adoption of adaptive digital learning tools. The emerging evidence base around digital learning shows potential to increase access and engagement, decrease costs, and improve outcomes for students, particularly low-income and first-generation students as well as students of color. Our network partners represent leaders and innovators in teaching and learning. We have specific expertise in the adoption, implementation, and measurement of digital learning tools as they’re integrated into pedagogical practices.

What We Do and How We Do It

Incorporating new technology into existing systems and pedagogical practices can be challenging, especially as administrators, faculty, and students adjust to new methodologies and processes. ELE provides mentorship, training, and community-vetted resources for institutions to support the effective implementation of digital learning technology. We help faculty and administrators maximize the benefits of new technology and better navigate the hurdles of implementation using best practices from the field that reduce inequities in student outcomes. Our network partners also collaborate to create flexible resources that meet the unique needs of different institutions and student populations.

In the Fall of 2019, we supported ten institutions in the redesign of 41 courses that resulted in more accessible, adaptive, and equitable learning environments for students. With our continued guidance, each of these ten institutions will scale their pilot programs to reach more students and three new institutions are implementing innovative teaching solutions in the Spring of 2020. Our support ranges depending on the needs of each institution, which vary widely due to differences between organizational cultures, instructor pedagogies, and student needs. With the joint goal of creating better student experiences and outcomes, we begin each engagement by assessing the needs of the institution and then help implement lasting, self-sustaining solutions. Instead of a linear approach, our services fall into three broad categories:

  1. Explore and plan
  2. Design and implement
  3. Optimize and scale

A Conversation with Director Jessica Williams

In an interview conducted by EDUCAUSE, Every Learner Director Jessica Williams discusses the impact of COVID-19 on higher education (1m 49s), the long-term effects of the crisis (4m 1s), Jessica’s vision for Every Learner going forward (10m 39s), and the network’s unique focus on first-generation students, low-income students, and students of color (9m 23s). Click the play button below to listen.

Our Initial Focus

Every Learner Everywhere will start by working with a small set of two-year and four-year institutions in three states—Texas, Ohio, and Florida—and then expand nationwide with plans to reach at least 200 institutions by 2022. This initial phase of our work will allow us to further develop and refine high-quality, field-tested resources and training.

During 2019, our partners will focus on helping institutions implement adaptive courseware in first-year foundational courses, which have been identified as vital for student retention and success. We'll work with institutions to develop best practices for the following:

  • Comparing and selecting adaptive courseware products
  • Using adaptive courseware to achieve broader institutional goals
  • Redesigning courses to incorporate innovative, high-impact teaching practices
  • Collecting and analyzing data
  • Connecting practitioners and facilitating peer-to-peer learning

Our Network