How We Work


High-quality digital learning enables institutions to increase gateway course and degree completion, lower the cost of instruction, and deliver more equitable learning outcomes for Black, Latino, Indigenous, poverty-affected and first-generation students. It engages faculty as innovators and educators focused on using evidence-based teaching practices, data, courseware, and technology tools to improve learning outcomes and better serve students.



Digital learning is the use of technology and teaching practices enabled by technology to enhance learning. It includes a broad range of content and communication tools, curricular models, design strategies and student support services that personalize instruction for students in blended and online learning environments.



Every Learner Everywhere works through intermediaries to support institutions in developing a tailored engagement approach that creates better learning experiences and more equitable outcomes for racially-minoritized and poverty-affected students. We provide institutions with professional development and consulting services to support the effective implementation of equitable and high-quality digital learning at scale.


Every Learner Everywhere partners with colleges and universities in pursuit of equity focused, student-centered, faculty-powered, and institution-driven improvement.

Course Design and Delivery

Building institutional capacity for managing technology, supporting evidence-based course redesign, providing faculty development, and considering policy and funding strategies for digital learning.

Planning for Professional Learning

Building institutional capacity to serve Black, Latino, Indigenous, poverty-affected, and first-generation students through digital learning with an equity-minded focus.

Leadership, Budget, and Policy

Building institutional capacity to assess student needs, conduct learner-focused research, and create a culture of continuous improvement in gateway courses using digital learning.

Evaluation and Analytics

Building institutional and instructor capacity for using course-level data to understand learner performance and improve instruction with digital learning.

Student Success for Digital Learning

Building instructor capacity for discovery, implementation, and improved use of digital learning courseware and tools.


Service Providers

Achieving the Dream

Partners with community colleges and technical colleges to scale improved student outcomes in gateway courses through innovative pedagogy, and contributes to network development of resources and tools.

Association of Public and Land-grant Universities

Partners with four-year institutions to scale improved student outcomes through innovative pedagogy, resources, and tools.

Online Learning Consortium

Surfaces digital learning innovations and provides professional development for ID and teaching professionals focused on blended and online learning.