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Developing a Digital Learning Ecosystem to Ensure Student Success

This workshop explores the digital learning ecosystem needed to establish and sustain student success, with a focus on the technological infrastructure needed to equitably serve all learners. The workshop challenges participants to develop micro- and macro-level strategies for ensuring inclusive and accessible education in contexts of cultural, economic, and technological barriers. Participants will engage in a collaborative landscape analysis, exploring ways to assess, fund, and sustain care-centered initiatives via policy, pedagogy, and technology change management, including:

  • Technology infrastructure solutions, including mobile and remote access
  • Diverse, multimodal approaches to course design and development
  • Centering student care, including building belongingness, empowerment, and agency
  • Funding models for supporting student access
  • Socioculturally contextualized methods for building inclusive learning environments

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this professional development experience, participants will be able to:

  • Define quality online learning experiences across disciplines, contexts, environments, and systems that address the challenges of endemic racial and socioeconomic inequities
  • Assess an institution’s technological infrastructure to support continuous improvement of quality learning experiences
  • Conduct a landscape analysis to determine current strengths and challenges for scaling equitable learner access to educational opportunities
  • Operationalize institutional strategies for delivering equitable and accessible online learning experiences through financial models and policymaking that empower technology-enhanced instruction
  • Guide administrators and decision-makers in creating a digital strategy for technology access aligned with the organizational mission and vision

Intended Audience

This service is geared toward stakeholders of different roles and levels of expertise who support teaching and learning across modalities, including online, blended, hybrid, and digitally-enhanced face-to-face experiences. Participants may include, but are not limited to:

  • Administrators, including C-suite executives (CAO, CIO, CTO)
  • Directors, Deans, and Department Chairs
  • Experienced leaders in online teaching and learning (LMS administrators, CTL administrators, faculty developers)

Service Format

  • Facilitated HyFlex kickoff (synchronous online offering with asynchronous option)
  • Facilitated asynchronous workshop (with cohorts of 25 or less)
  • Participant showcase

NOTE: The following components may be added to the core instructional components listed above:

  • Interactive toolkit
  • Landscape analysis and recommendations report
  • Institutional webinar series presenting findings from recommendations report
  • Strategic consulting engagement
  • Facilitation of an ongoing asynchronous community of practice assessing and iteratively improving equitable technological infrastructure

Service Length

  • 3 week asynchronous engagement per cohort
  • 5-10 contact hours per week
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