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Sustaining Indigenous Culture: Using OER to Design Authentic Learning Experiences

This course is designed specifically for Tribal College & University and Native-Serving Institutions faculty, faculty developers, librarians, instructional designers and other academic support staff looking for a foundational understanding of OER adoption and course design to impact student success. Using OER in an online or face-to-face course offers many benefits: OER not only lowers textbook costs for students, but it also offers faculty flexibility to be responsive to their students and adapt instruction to the context of their learning environments. Participants will work alongside experienced facilitators and OER experts to gain hands-on experience finding, evaluating, and adapting OER to use in their course. Faculty develop a plan to support the implementation, evaluation and scaling of the new strategies learned.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  1. Create a course action plan that aligns learning outcomes with assessments, learning activities, and openly licensed content.
  2. Design an assessment plan aligned to course learning objectives that includes opportunities for students to demonstrate acquisition of course skills and knowledge by completing authentic assessments and “renewable” assignments.
  3. Demonstrate how to locate, evaluate, and accurately attribute open course content aligned to course learning objectives that supports students in completing course activities and assessments.
  4. Plan learning experiences that employ open and culturally affirming teaching practices to create community, foster interaction, and promote active learning.
  5. Describe the resources, groups, and learning events that make up the open education community and the role it plays in supporting and sustaining OER.
  6. Identify resources for sharing, supporting, and sustaining OER content.

Service Format

Course – includes a digital course site on Learning Management System

Delivery Method

Synchronous sessions that will be recorded.

Length and duration

Eight 2 hour sessions

Time on task Required

Eight 2 hour live sessions plus 1 to 2 hours per week to complete elements of the action plan. Total of 24 to 32 hours total to complete the course.


A completed Implementation Plan

Intended Audience

Tribal College and University faculty and staff

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