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Course Redesign for Multiple Modalities to Support Student Success

In this 6-week course, faculty will be guided through a course redesign process to revisit their instructional approaches with the support of their peers and facilitators. Participants will redesign a course that creates and maintains an equity minded and culturally affirming classroom that engages the personal backgrounds of students while using digital technologies to support their success. Instructors will examine course elements and redesign instructional activities and assessments to center the learner. Each live session will introduce new and innovative ways to craft a syllabus, design authentic and equity-minded assessment plans, consider open educational resources and open pedagogy and explore culturally affirming teaching practices. Faculty will develop an implementation plan to support the implementation, evaluation and scaling of the new strategies learned that impact student success. Individualized coaching and comprehensive feedback will guide the application of new learning to institutional and disciplinary contexts. This course will meet faculty where they are, center their context and respond to their needs.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  1. Develop a course and teaching guide that aligns learning outcomes with assessments, learning activities and content with attention to leveraging digital technologies that support student success.
  2. Integrate strategies for developing class community and interaction that employs equity-minded and culturally affirming teaching and learning practices.
  3. Design or redesign an assessment plan that allows for authentic measurement of student learning, invites students’ cultural knowledge and is renewable so that impact of student work continues beyond the course.
  4. Explore disciplinary open educational resources and open pedagogy practices that support student performance and generate a sense of belonging in the course.
  5. Design or redesign accessible activities that encourage active learning, respect place-based learning environments and cultural knowledge, connects to students’ community, and uses varied techniques sensitive to the varied ways students describe and demonstrate their experience, knowledge, and learning.
  6. Generate an action plan for implementing and assessing the course design strategies that impact student success.

Service Format

Course – includes a digital course site on a Learning Management System (LMS)

Delivery Method

Synchronous Facilitation

Length and duration

Six 1.5 hour sessions

Time on task Required

Six 1.5-hour live sessions plus 1 to 2 hours per week to complete elements of the action plan. Total of 12 to 18 hours total to complete the course.


A completed Implementation Plan

Intended Audience

Faculty, faculty developers, department chairs instructional designers, and librarians

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