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Women’s History Month: Breaking the Bias in Higher Education

WCET + Every Learner Everywhere Celebrate Women’s History Month

To celebrate Women’s History Month, we invited inspiring women and student fellows to share their reflections on breaking the bias in higher education on International Women’s Day’s 2022. The 2022 theme is “Celebrate women’s achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality. #BreaktheBias.” Barriers in higher education are being dismantled brick by brick and women are leading the way by empowering, elevating, and supporting one another.  

Throughout the pandemic, a significant proportion of women were juggling multiple roles– employee, caregiver, and even teacher–often simultaneously, which left many, including me, feeling like I was doing everything subpar. Additionally, women left the workforce at a striking level. In September 2020, four times more woman than men left the workforce1. They were burned out and exhausted. Now, a few years after the start of the pandemic, we are seeing an exodus of both men and women from their positions which is being called the “Great Resignation.” This “Great Resignation” is an opportunity to challenge the models and break the bias. This is the time for the “Great Reset” as Colleen Ammerman and Boris Broysberg write in the Harvard Business Review2. Organizations, and higher education, can to debias their systems, “The headwinds of bias diminish workers’ experience at work and deprive their employers of their full contribution.” 

During the “Great reset” and in celebration of Women’s History Month, impassioned stories of breaking the bias are timely and relevant and, as you will find, galvanizing. Thank you to the remarkable students of Every Learner Everywhere’s Fellowship Program and an Expert Network alum for sharing their stories about women who empowered, supported, and inspired them. Together we can continue to #breakthebias and celebrate women in higher education.

Aajahne Seeney, Student Fellow

Zaire McMican, Student Fellow

Cherise McBride, Expert Network Coach

Breaking the Bias

How are you breaking the bias in higher education, and who has inspired and encouraged you during your journey? I’m fortunate to have an incredible network of women who nudge me when I need challenge, laugh with me when I’m too serious, and support me when I’m treading water or drifting. Cheers to all of you badass women of higher education. Together we’ll continue to dismantle barriers with a wrecking ball rather than brick by brick.


1 COVID-19 Impact on Women in the Workplace, Boston College Center for Work & Family

2 Women Can’t Go Back to the Pre-Pandemic Status Quo, Harvard Business Review