Past Showcase: ADAPT: Student-Centered Digital Learning Showcase

  • Wednesday, December 1, 2021

ADAPT will showcase the work of colleges that piloted digital learning projects with the support of the Every Learner Everywhere network.

The power of digital and adaptive learning tools is that they offer faculty a way to provide their students with an unprecedented level of personalized learning. Digital tools like adaptive courseware give faculty the ability to monitor individual student progress and engagement; provide customized, just-in-time feedback; and deliver learning content tailored to students’ specific interests and needs. When thoughtfully integrated with curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment methods, digital tools can be used to facilitate powerful learning experiences, both in the classroom and online, that move students from passive consumers of information to active participants in their own learning.

The ADAPT showcase featured the work of the public colleges that piloted digital and adaptive learning projects with the support of the Every Learner Everywhere network. During this half-day, virtual event, participants learned about the successes and challenges of implementing adaptive learning technology in the higher education classroom, heard the experiences of faculty, instructional designers, students, and academic leaders involved in the project, and participated in lively and informative discussions on the effective use of adaptive and digital learning technology.

Topics that will be highlighted during the summit are:

  • Innovative and inclusive teaching practices
  • Digital tool evaluation
  • Lessons from the field
  • Student perspectives
  • Use of course data
  • Scaling and sustainability