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By leveraging digital tools & incorporating effective project management, there are five categories that describe the possible ways we can help:

We create a customized plan for each institution that may include any or all of the activities. This ensures our approach meets administrator, faculty, and student needs.

Planning for Professional Learning

Building institutional capacity to serve Black, Latino, Indigenous, poverty-affected, and first-generation students through digital learning with an equity-minded focus.

Student Success for Digital Learning

Building instructor capacity for discovery, implementation, and improved use of digital learning courseware and tools.

Evaluation and Analytics

Building institutional and instructor capacity for using course-level data to understand learner performance and improve instruction with digital learning.

Course Design and Delivery

Building institutional capacity for managing technology, supporting evidence-based course redesign, providing faculty development, and considering policy and funding strategies for digital learning.

Leadership, Budget, and Policy

Building institutional capacity to assess student needs, conduct learner-focused research, and create a culture of continuous improvement in gateway courses using digital learning.

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Every Learner Everywhere helps institutions improve student engagement and increase academic success in gateway courses through innovative teaching and learning strategies.

Every Learner Everywhere is a network of partner organizations that collaborate with higher education institutions to improve student outcomes through innovative teaching strategies, including the adoption of adaptive digital learning tools. The emerging evidence base around digital learning shows potential to increase access and engagement, decrease costs, and improve outcomes for students, particularly Black, Latino, and Indigenous students, poverty-affected and first-generation students. Our network partners represent leaders and innovators in teaching and learning. We have specific expertise in the adoption, implementation, and measurement of digital learning tools as they’re integrated into pedagogical practices.

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