FAQs about the Every Learner Everywhere Expert Network

  • Is the Expert Network free?

    Yes, the Every Learner Everywhere Expert Network, Powered by ISTE is a free service to support higher education faculty and leaders who need expert advice to support all students through the COVID-19 crisis, including the transition from face-to-face instruction to online learning.

  • Who is eligible for Expert Network coaching?

    The program is designed for higher education personnel including faculty, course coordinators, instructional designers, department chairs, deans, directors of centers for teaching and learning, and other staff engaged with improving outcomes, particularly in high-enrolment general education courses.

  • Are the coaching sessions one on one?

    Yes, all Expert Network coaching sessions will be one on one (1:1) with an expert where you (as the participant) can discuss issues you face at your institution. Experts will listen and present ideas regarding different problems of practice you bring to the conversation

  • Can I bring a colleague with me to my coaching session?

    Yes, you can bring colleagues for the coaching session – please feel free to add additional guests when you schedule. However, we recommend inviting no more than two colleagues in order to make the most of a small group conversation.

  • What software do I need for the meeting?

    Coaching sessions currently use Zoom video-conferencing software. You’ll need to install Zoom in order to attend the meeting, although you do not need a Zoom account (paid or free) in order to attend the meeting as a guest.

  • What are the topics of focus for Expert Network coaching sessions?

    The Expert Network is designed to support higher education faculty and leaders with equity, inclusion and digital learning, including blended and online learning, digital pedagogy, instructional design, and social-emotional learning. The primary focus is in supporting all students – especially minoritized students, low-income students and first-generation college students. While technology offers tremendous opportunity for learning, there are also risks that can produce additional inequities due to a lack of access related to devices, connectivity, digital literacy, and social capital. Our experts address these concerns head-on.

  • Can I meet with an expert more than once?

    Yes, you are welcome to meet with the same expert more than once, and also meet with different experts. However we do ask that, in order to best use your time with an expert, you come to your meeting having completed some background research and prepared to talk about the issues you’re facing.

  • How can I cancel a meeting?

    If you have scheduled a coaching session for this week, we request that you do not cancel your call in order to streamline scheduling. However if there are unavoidable conflicts, you may cancel the session with at least a 24-hour notice by declining the calendar invite and sending an email to your assigned expert, letting them know you cannot attend.

  • What are some of the best practices for having a productive meeting with my expert?

    • When you schedule your call, you can add questions you would like to ask the expert. Providing detail ahead of time can help the assigned expert come prepared with ideas.
    • Login a couple of minutes before the scheduled time in order to troubleshoot any video-call login issues.
    • Plan to provide a brief introduction and a short description of your problem of practice during the initial 10-mins of your call with the expert.
  • How do I share feedback about my coaching sessions?

    In the calendar invite, there is a link to a short survey to share your feedback on your session with the Every Learner Everywhere expert. That feedback helps ISTE continually improve the Expert Network service, and provides Every Learner a sense of the challenges and solutions higher education professionals like yourself are exploring. Note that all findings will be anonymous, and the only organization that will ever see your name connected to your feedback will be ISTE. ISTE will never share something you reported (such as a highlight about a session) in a way that could identify you without your explicit permission.

If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to ISTE’s project management team at [email protected]. Thank you!


For more on the Expert Network, see this page with additional information.