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The Expert Network provides free 1:1 coaching in equitable teaching practices and digital learning for higher education.

The Every Learner Everywhere Expert Network, powered by ISTE, aims to cultivate professional learning and practice during a time when many higher education faculty and leaders urgently need expert advice to support their students through the COVID-19 crisis, including the transition from face-to-face instruction to online learning.


The program offers flexible, on-demand coaching to faculty, course coordinators, instructional designers, and academic leaders at U.S. institutions of higher education with the goal of advancing equity and inclusion in blended and online modalities using all aspects of digital learning. This service is provided at no cost by ISTE and Every Learner in order to advance equity and inclusion in digital learning environments for higher education.


How It Works

Access to Experts

Participants can schedule a 1:1 meeting with an expert to discuss issues they face at their institution or in their classroom. Experts will listen and present ideas to help support all students – especially minoritized students, low-income students and first-generation college students.

Easy Scheduling

Participants can easily schedule coaching sessions at a time that works for them. There is no hassle in coordinating calendars – just browse the times our experts have available and sign up!

Equity Focused

Participants should come prepared to discuss both practical issues involving online and blended modalities – including digital pedagogy, instructional design, and social-emotional learning – as well as tough questions about equity, inclusion, and justice in higher education.


Meet the Experts

Our experts are higher education professionals who bring to Every Learner deep knowledge in equity, inclusion, and digital learning including courseware, communication tools, curricular models, design strategies, evidence-based teaching practices, and services that personalize instruction for students. To book a meeting with one of the experts, browse their availability using the buttons below and find a time that works for you. Scheduling is easy!

Tazin Daniels

Tazin Daniels

Educational Developer, Consultant, and Coach

Creating equitable and engaging online learning environments.

Dr. Tazin Daniels is an educational developer, consultant and coach with over 15 years of experience in higher education and over a decade of experience preparing instructors to teach online. Her background in Medical Anthropology gives her a unique perspective on how to create equitable and engaging online spaces in the midst of a global pandemic. Currently, she serves as Assistant Director at the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching at the University of Michigan, and runs ThePedagologist.com, a platform to connect with educators and educational developers committed to improving online education everywhere.

Areas of expertise: Curriculum design and assessment; lecturing and facilitation strategies; team-based learning; active learning strategies; inclusive and antiracist teaching practices.

Assign Me an Expert

Assign Me an Expert

Dive right in

Not sure who to select?

Choose a date, and we will assign you an expert based on availability. All of our experts bring to the table a strong background in advancing equity and inclusion with effective digital learning practices, and are excited to meet you where you are in your journey of advancing equity and inclusion in higher education!

Tatiana Bryant

Tatiana Bryant

Research Librarian, Humanities, UC Irvine

Fostering the humanities through cultural preservation and open pedagogy.

Tatiana Bryant is the Research Librarian for digital humanities, History, and African American Studies at University of California Irvine Libraries. She holds degrees from NYU, the Pratt Institute, and Hampton University. Professor Bryant has special interests in cultural heritage and open pedagogy, and she has held fellowships in both areas. She teaches courses in Global Studies and Black digital humanities, a cross-disciplinary field which applies digital tools and methods to the study of Black people, history, and culture. Tatiana believes that the humanities are central to social justice, because they require learners to reflect on and engage with oppression and inequity in their communities and the world. 

Areas of expertise: Digital Humanities research methods and tools; managing digital humanities projects and data; open educational resources.

Chandani Patel

Chandani Patel

Director for Global Diversity Education, NYU

Working with leaders to support system-wide equity initiatives.

Dr. Chandani Patel, an educator, mentor, scholar and advocate, is dedicated to creating more inclusive teaching and learning environments within higher education, and building a more just world. Dr. Patel has extensive leadership experience in the field of teaching and learning and has cultivated robust facilitation, consultation, assessment, and collaboration skills. She currently serves as Director for Global Diversity Education at New York University. She excels at working with faculty and campus leaders to support diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts and initiatives, and has a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the University of Chicago.

Areas of expertise: Diversity, anti-racism, and inclusive teaching practices; course and curricular design; active and collaborative learning; faculty professional development support; and strategic planning centered on DEI.

Elaine Villanueva Bernal

Elaine Villanueva Bernal

Lecturer, Sciences, CSU Long Beach

Increasing STEM student engagement in digital environments.

Dr. Bernal is a Lecturer from the CSU Long Beach Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry for over 14 years, and recently began teaching Global Climate Change at CSU Dominguez Hills. She earned her Ed.D from CSULB in 2016 and is the first Filipina alumni of the program. Dr. Bernal is a published researcher and experienced facilitator for STEM faculty professional development in higher education and K-12. Additionally, she serves as Chemistry Editor for the Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT – www.merlot.org), which provides access to almost 100,000 curated online learning resources to 179,000 educators from 184 countries, and oversees several student STEM outreach and experiential learning programs, funded by the National Science Foundation, in the CSU system.

Areas of expertise: Student engagement strategies; STEM instruction and curriculum; STEM faculty professional development in higher education and K-12.

Kristal Moore Clemons

Kristal Moore Clemons

National Director, CDF Freedom Schools

Enriching culture for all in academia and through direct service.

Dr. Kristal Moore Clemons has advanced racial and gender equity in digital learning through her work in K-12 education, higher education and nonprofit management. In her academic leadership, she has shaped curriculum and fostered positive academic experiences in face-to-face and online environments. She is the director of the CDF Freedom Schools, a literacy and cultural enrichment program for K–12 students in underserved communities. A native of Chicago, Clemons has degrees in education and cultural studies from Washington State University, UNC Chapel Hill, and Duke University.

Areas of expertise: Critical race theory in education; culturally responsive pedagogy; distance learning/online pedagogy; educational leadership; multicultural education.

Blaine Smith

Blaine Smith

Associate Professor, Literacy and Technology, University of Arizona

Cultivating literacy in digital learning environments for all students.

Dr. Blaine Smith’s teaching and research focuses on the digital literacies of culturally and linguistically diverse youth across contexts. A main goal of her work is to understand the ways in which technology can foster literacy and content learning, and act as an empowering means of expression for students. Her work also focuses on developing scaffolded instructional strategies for supporting teachers’ integration of technology in the classroom. She received her Ph.D. in language, literacy and culture from Vanderbilt University.

Areas of expertise: Instructional strategies for integration of technology in diverse classrooms; instructional scaffolding; assessment and outcomes; teaching multimodal composition; digital literacies.

Cherise McBride

Cherise McBride

Lecturer, Literacy and Technology, UC Berkeley

Designing learning that centers the strengths of nondominant students.

Dr. Cherise McBride is a researcher of digital literacies and teacher learning at the University of California, Berkeley. Her Ph.D. study developed the construct of humanizing critical digital pedagogies — a frame for honoring the lived realities of nondominant communities through socioculturally situated understandings of technology. A teacher educator and educational leader, Cherise is a former high school English teacher and has coached teachers and higher education faculty across a range of content and educational settings. She holds degrees in English literature from UC Berkeley and in secondary education from the University of San Francisco.

Areas of expertise: Digital pedagogy; intersection of literacy, digital technologies, and teacher development; designing learning for equity and social justice.

Resources to Help You

The experts will come to your session ready to listen and help you with issues related to equity, inclusion and digital learning. To make the most of your session, we recommend you review a few of Every Learner Everywhere’s resources – especially those listed below that focus on advancing digital learning during the COVID pandemic. You can also click on the button below to see all of Every Learner’s Pillar resources.

Who is ISTE?

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is home to a passionate community of global educators who believe in the power of technology to transform teaching and learning, accelerate innovation and solve tough problems in education. ISTE inspires the creation of solutions and connections that improve opportunities for all learners by delivering: practical guidance, evidence-based professional learning, virtual networks, thought-provoking events and the ISTE Standards.

The Expert Network is a service provided by the Every Learner Everywhere program, and is powered by ISTE. For more information about the Expert Network, reach out to us at expertn[email protected]