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Open Remix Practices: Processes, Methods, and Strategies for Increasing the Impact of Open Educational Resources Across the Institution

Open remix, defined as the objects, processes, and mindsets developed through the act of combining or manipulating open educational resources to create something new serves as an effective teaching and learning practice for its propensity to expand technological understanding, communication across semiotic modes, and engagement in networked communities. Extending from the mere use of open educational resources, this professional development offering discusses the digital literacies practices employed within open remix, including how remix is employed in digitally-mediated contexts to create new ideas, mindsets, systems, and processes. This workshop guides educators in a shift in focus from products created (open educational resources or OER) toward the open educational practitioners themselves, engaging in constructivist, social, and collaborative remix within digital spaces. Participants in this experience will learn strategies for utilizing open remix within course design and student engagement, as well as within digital and institutional strategy as a lever for increasing access to education.



  • Core Components
    • Facilitated HyFlex Kickoff
    • Facilitated asynchronous train the trainer workshops
    • Self-paced asynchronous modules for faculty/staff
    • Facilitated synchronous participant showcase
  • Optional components
    • Interactive tool kit
    • Community of Practice


  • 1-2 week engagement per cohort/section of core components
  • Ongoing access to interactive toolkit
  • 1 month engagement for Community of Practice