Putting Equity into Practice Webinar Series

  • March 14, 2024 | 2 PM ET | Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning
  • March 21, 2024 | 2 PM ET | Social Justice Education
  • March 28, 2024 | 2 PM ET | Open Pedagogy
  • April 4, 2024 | 2 PM ET | Equity-Centered Professional Learning

The webinars in this series are designed to support and inform higher education faculty on how to engage with pedagogies and professional learning that intentionally and authentically affirm, uplift, and liberate students through teaching and learning. By challenging traditional instructional approaches, these 1-hour webinars provide support and resources for creating more inclusive and equitable learning environments. Every Learner Everywhere partnered with Achieving the Dream to develop four equity-minded digital teaching and learning strategy guides. The webinar series will highlight equitable instructional practices and outcomes from the strategy guides while promoting the implementation of student-centered and culturally responsive teaching. By transforming educational experiences for both students and faculty, more inclusive and equitable learning environments can be created. The webinars will present the following approaches alongside practical instructional strategies that inform implementation of these equity-minded teaching and learning practices.

  • Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning
  • Social Justice Education
  • Open Pedagogy
  • Equity-Centered Professional Learning

As higher education continues to address eliminating inequitable outcomes in teaching and learning, this series will help institutions embed equity, culturally responsive teaching, social justice education, and open pedagogy through evidence-based teaching practices.


March 14, 2024 | Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning

Speakers: Joao Da Silva and Patrick Turner

In this webinar we will introduce you to Culturally Responsive Pedagogy (CRP) in higher education—an inclusive framework encompassing culturally responsive and relevant teaching, as well as affirming and sustaining instructional methodologies. This webinar delves into the practical instructional strategies and evidence-based practices that guide the seamless integration of culturally responsive teaching and learning into educational spaces.

CRP is not just a framework; it is a commitment to centering students in the teaching process. Through instructional approaches that bridge the gap between student language, family structure, background, and cultural identity, CRP seeks to improve the academic success of Black, Latino, and Indigenous students while affirming their lived experiences and identities.

Utilizing CRP as the umbrella framework, this webinar supports educators in implementing transformative teaching and learning strategies outlined in the guides. As this theoretical framework continues to evolve, we explore evidence-based approaches that serve as a catalyst for a paradigm shift in instructional practices. By embracing culturally responsive, relevant, affirming, and sustaining teaching and learning, we aim to transform student experiences and advance equitable outcomes.

Join us for an engaging session as we navigate through the foundations of CRP, exploring its practical applications and impact on instructional practices. Together, let’s foster an educational environment where diversity is celebrated, cultural identities are validated, and the pursuit of equitable outcomes becomes a shared commitment among educators.

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March 21, 2024 | Social Justice Education

Speakers: Dae Romero and Mary Robinson

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Join us for an exploration of social justice in higher education—an emerging equity-minded teaching and learning approach that seeks to dismantle historical marginalization of students based on race, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, or differing abilities. This webinar is designed to unveil the transformative potential of social justice practices in creating liberating learning environments, particularly for Black, Latino, and Indigenous students.

Implementing teaching practices that authentically validate students’ cultural values is a crucial step in addressing systemic inequities and disparities that have hindered the success of marginalized communities. We will delve into the core principles of social justice in education, focusing on how it can establish educational spaces that nurture critical consciousness and empower students to analyze systems, policies, and practices contributing to inequitable and unjust experiences and outcomes.

This guide will showcase two key strategies central to advancing social justice in education:

  1. Anti-racist Teaching: Explore how faculty can disrupt the restrictive nature of oppressive traditional pedagogy by adopting anti-racist teaching practices. Learn how this approach can contribute to dismantling systemic barriers and fostering environments that embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  2. Abolitionist Teaching: Delve into the transformative power of abolitionist teaching methods that go beyond traditional structures, providing meaningful, relevant, and liberating learning experiences. Discover how this approach empowers both students and faculty to challenge systems of oppression, fostering a social justice-centered instruction.

Join us as we navigate through these strategies, offering insights into their practical implementation and impact. Together, let’s envision educational spaces where students and faculty are not only equipped to challenge systems of oppression but also empowered to contribute to a more just and equitable future.

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March 28, 2024 | Open Pedagogy

Speakers: April Crenshaw and Joshua Nave

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In this webinar we explore open pedagogy—an instructional approach that redefines the traditional classroom dynamic by treating learning as a participatory process. Breaking away from content-centric methodologies, open pedagogy invites faculty and learners to collaboratively build and refine knowledge through active engagement with the discipline. This webinar delves into the profound shift from information broadcasting to an immersive learning experience where students interact with content, faculty, outside experts, and peers, creating artifacts of lasting value beyond the confines of the classroom.

The inherent student-centered focus and adaptability of open pedagogy present a unique opportunity to intentionally address cultural responsiveness, thereby fostering equitable student experiences and outcomes. By recognizing that learners bring their entire selves into the learning environment, this approach ensures that cultural identities and lived experiences—especially those of Black, Latino, Indigenous, and first-generation students—are not left at the door but integrated into the fabric of the course.

This webinar is tailored to empower faculty in operationalizing open pedagogy through a culturally responsive lens. The three main strategies explored are:

  1. Renewable Assignments: Explore the concept of assignments that extend beyond the semester, providing students the opportunity to contribute to ongoing knowledge creation and engage with real-world issues.
  2. Co-created and Student-generated Content: Embrace the power of collaborative content creation, allowing students to actively shape the learning materials, infusing diverse perspectives and experiences into the curriculum.
  3. Open Assessments: Challenge the conventional assessment methods by adopting open approaches that encourage critical thinking, creativity, and connection to real-world contexts.

Join us for a dynamic discussion on how these strategies can be seamlessly integrated into your teaching practice, cultivating a more inclusive and culturally responsive learning environment. Discover how open pedagogy can equitize student experiences, empower learners, and bridge the gap between academia and the rich tapestry of students’ lives.

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April 4, 2024 | Equity-Centered Professional Learning

Speakers: Aileen Tejeda and Geneva Dampare

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In the realm of educator professional learning, the pivotal role of designers and facilitators cannot be overstated. To truly cultivate an inclusive learning environment, it is imperative that these key stakeholders model exemplary strategies that not only support faculty but also pave the way for equitable engagement with students. This webinar delves into the critical aspects of designing and facilitating professional learning experiences that foster a sense of belonging, center equity, leverage participant strengths, and explicitly cultivate and sustain cultural ways of knowing and being for diverse learners.

Professional learning, as defined in this context, goes beyond traditional professional development by actively creating learning experiences that build cultural competence. It emphasizes ongoing support through facilitated engagements and communities of practice, distinguishing it from one-off events that lack sustained application and evaluation. This distinction is crucial as the impact of what designers and facilitators do to support faculty directly influences their work with students.

Our webinar aims to provide insights into how professional learning can serve as a catalyst for faculty to become change agents both inside and outside the classroom. By exploring Achieving the Dream and Every Learner Everywhere’s Good Practice Principles, which guide the design and facilitation of high-impact professional learning, we offer an expanded and clarified guide explicitly focused on equity-minded approaches.

Join us as we navigate through practical strategies, share success stories, and engage in discussions on the nuances of creating professional learning opportunities that are not only transformative but also explicitly equity-minded. Together, we will explore the profound impact that intentional professional learning can have on the broader educational landscape.

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