Every Learner Everywhere
Achieving the Dream

Curating Inclusive Course Content that Centers Students and Equity

Inclusive content affirms, validates, and embraces students. This webinar explores how to develop and design course content that is intentionally inclusive of diverse students, perspectives, cultures, and lived experiences. Panelists share evidenced-based instructional practices, digital tools that enhance student learning, and strategies to support faculty in developing course content, curriculum, and materials that engage students of color in ways that are meaningful to them, honor their funds of knowledge, and are culturally relevant and responsive.

This is the first webinar in the four-part Operationalizing Equity, Social Justice, and Inclusion to Transform Teaching and Learning Webinar Series, hosted in partnership with the Every Learner Everywhere Network. The series provides a multi-pronged approach for advancing inclusive teaching and digital learning, where participants will engage in moderated panel discussions led by diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) experts. Sessions focus on embedding inclusion, equity, and social justice in course content; the process of operationalizing equity in the classroom; developing culturally responsive assessments; and creating inclusive teaching and learning environments.

Presenters: Dr. Jennifer Townes, assistant vice president of professional development and employee engagement at Southwest Tennessee Community College; LeeAnne McNulty, Ed.D., director of institutional grants at Allan Hancock College; and Rick Rantz, dean of academic affairs at Allan Hancock College

Recommended citation:

Townes, J., McNulty, L., and Rantz, R. (2022, January 28) Curating Inclusive Course Content that Centers Students and Equity [Webinar] Achieving the Dream and Every Learner Everywhere.

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