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20+ Resources for Equity-Centered Digital Learning

One of the best parts of education conferences is the resource sharing that faculty can take back to their classrooms and departments, and ADAPT 2021, a virtual equity-centered digital learning showcase, was packed with them.

Presented in December 2021 by Every Learner Everywhere, the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU), and Achieving the Dream, ADAPT 2021 showcased work in equity-centered teaching and learning by instructional designers, faculty, and students working regularly with digital technologies. The program included presentations, keynotes, and webinars highlighting the power of digital and adaptive tools to personalize learning and close equity gaps for Black, Latino, Indigenous, first-generation, and poverty-affected students.

Recordings of the presentations and forums are available on the ADAPT event website and on the Every Learner Everywhere YouTube channel.

Along with the insights and experiences shared by faculty and students at ADAPT 2021, the organizers suggested a range of publications, videos, and other materials that highlight adaptive courseware and other related tools. Below is a selection of some of the equity-centered digital learning resources shared at ADAPT 2021.

Academic journals

Current Issues in Emerging eLearning, Volume 5, Issue 1

A 2018 special issue with research on strategies for implementing and scaling personalized and adaptive courseware solutions.

Current Issues in Emerging eLearning, Volume 7, Issue 1

A 2020 special issue guest-edited by the Personalized Learning Consortium of the APLU on research resulting from university initiatives to launch, implement, and scale up adaptive learning courseware.


Teaching and Learning Toolkit

A resource from Achieving the Dream for building institutional capacity in teaching and learning. It synthesizes research from the field and stories from Achieving the Dream member institutions and includes worksheets and planning templates.

Caring For Students Playbook: Six Recommendations

This Every Learner Everywhere playbook is designed to provide instructors with examples to support putting student care into action. Each of these six recommendations provides practical suggestions, concrete strategies, and resources to support instructors in operationalizing equity-focused, inclusive teaching strategies.

Optimizing High-Quality Digital Learning Experiences: A Playbook for Faculty

An update to a user’s guide that was originally developed by Every Learner Everywhere early in the COVID-19 emergency. It features guidance on course materials, scheduling, communication, and teaching practices for digital learning. Whereas the original concentrated on remote online learning, the updated playbook recognizes a range of teaching modalities that use digital learning technologies, from fully remote to face to face.

Getting Started with Equity: A Guide for Academic Department Leaders

This resource guide from Every Learner Everywhere, helps academic department leaders develop and curate an environment that is justice centered and equity advancing. It includes specific strategies for the classroom and in curricular development, and for leading collaborative campus-wide efforts.

Adaptive Courseware Implementation Guide

This resource from Every Learner Everywhere supports faculty centering racial and socioeconomic equity and student voices in the adoption and implementation of adaptive courseware.

Survey findings

Time for Class 2021: The State of Digital Learning and Courseware Adoption

Time for Class is a long-running longitudinal survey on digital learning in higher education, led by Tyton Partners. This page collects reports from recent years, including several special surveys on the impact of the shift to emergency remote teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2021 report provides an updated view on how the pandemic has altered the landscape of teaching, learning, and course materials in higher education.

Case studies on implementing adaptive courseware

Achieving the Dream developed a series of case studies of adaptive learning pilot projects supported by Every Learner Everywhere. Faculty and students from many of these projects participated in panels and presentations during ADAPT 2021.

Equity forward videos

YouTube presentations on equity, inclusion and engagement.

How Is Higher Ed Planning for AI?

Results from a New EDUCAUSE Landscape Study Conducting a landscape study is challenging when the landscape is changing as quickly as artificial intelligence has been in the last two years,