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Adaptive Courseware Implementation Guide

This resource is a guide for course instructors to center racial and socioeconomic equity and student voice in the adoption and implementation of adaptive courseware. After years of implementing adaptive courseware at various levels of scale in gateway general education courses, course instructors and institutions have several lessons to share with those at the beginning of the implementation process. Adopting adaptive courseware into courses can see promising results on the teaching and learning experience for students. Institutions and course instructors implementing adaptive courseware need to be mindful of the student experience while using the technology and how it is impacting their experience in the classroom. This extensive resource will provide you with practical strategies and resources to implement adaptive courseware with an equity-minded and student-centered approach.

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Additional resources

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Recommended Citation

Holiday, T., O’Sullivan, P., Adams, S. (2020, October 28). Adaptive Courseware Implementation Guide. 2nd ed. Every Learner Everywhere. http://www.everylearnereverywhere.org/resources

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