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Time for Class

Time for Class 2021: The State of Digital Learning and Courseware Adoption

Since 2014, Tyton Partners has monitored the dynamics of the higher education digital learning and courseware market with the goals of understanding the needs of institutions, instructors, and students and investigating how suppliers are evolving to meet those needs. This 2021 summary provides an updated view on how the pandemic has altered the landscape of teaching, learning, and course materials in higher education. Informing this research are survey responses from over 1,000 administrators and 3,000 faculty at 1,600 unique postsecondary institutions as well as interviews with more than 20 digital learning suppliers.

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Time for Class 2020

Our 2020 release is designed for institutions and includes a series of short research briefs on targeted topics related to digital learning strategy, implementation of adaptive courseware, and inclusive access. Each brief refers to resources that can assist with implementation. Now more than ever, the use of high-quality digital learning strategies and tools is critical as we continue to navigate teaching and learning amidst a pandemic and to ensure equity and access in student learning.

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Time for Class 2019 Toolkit

Time for Class 2019 is a national longitudinal survey of 4,000+ higher education faculty and administrators, fielded since 2014 by Tyton Partners and the Babson Survey Research Group. Results inform a comprehensive fact base on the postsecondary digital courseware landscape, in the service of making this complex market easier to navigate for institutions and educators. The Time for Class 2019 Toolkit is a set of research-based action briefs and tools designed to support institutional dialogue, decision-making and action. Use the clickable map below to navigate to a specific brief or you can download the full toolkit.

Other Pillar Resources

Teaching Practices of Faculty Adopting Adaptive Courseware

Adaptive Courseware

In fall 2020, Digital Promise administered a survey to a group of educators at selected two-year colleges and four-year universities to better understand the teaching practices they employ and the ways in which they use adaptive courseware in their gateway courses.