Digital Learning ROI Resources

In 2018, Arizona State University (ASU) and the Boston Consulting Group released Making Digital Learning Work, a report that features findings from analysis of six different institutional implementations of digital learning, and highlights how digital learning can impact student access, student outcomes, and institutional and student economics. The report introduces a framework for evaluating the return on investment (ROI) of digital learning initiatives and offers guidance for institutions seeking to systematically evaluate and improve their digital learning strategies.  This analysis forms the foundation and inspiration for the resources on this page, which are designed to be used by institutional administrators to build awareness and understanding of ROI analysis and important considerations related digital learning implementations at their institutions.

The digital learning ROI resource set includes five issue briefs that provide introductions to concepts related to ROI analysis and strategic decisions related to digital learning. It also includes four case studies on institutions that were featured in the Making Digital Learning Work report, each highlighting a specific strategy employed at an institution and how that strategy impacts the institution's ROI in digital learning. In addition to written briefs, five short learning modules are offered as supplements to the briefs and case studies. The resources can be used on their own, or all of the written content can be downloaded together at the bottom of this page. Please click on a topic below to start exploring.

Issue Briefs

The ASU Framework for Assessing the Return on Digital Learning

Why develop an ROI framework for digital learning initiatives?

Preparing to Make Data-Driven Decisions About Digital Learning

What steps can postsecondary institutions take to maximize the value of their data?

Facing the “Build or Buy” Question in Digital Learning

What considerations are there when choosing between in-house and third-party solutions?

ROI Roundup

Resources for evaluation of return on investment in higher education projects

Case Studies - Digital Learning in Action

Arizona State University

Using data to achieve digital learning goals

Georgia State University

Using adaptive courseware to deliver improved outcomes for students

Houston Community College

Leveraging digital learning and open educational resources to increase access to higher education

University of Central Florida

Delivering quality and cost savings for students and the institution through online learning

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