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Intentional Futures

A Student Perspective on Centering Student Voice: Intentional Futures

The 2021 cohort of the Every Learner Everywhere Fellowship Program reflects on their experience as Fellows with Intentional Futures and outlines ways leaders can more intentionally and consistently center student voice.

Presented by Ariana Castro, Christa Elrod, Destiny Adams, and Manuella Alarca

Recommended citation:

Holiday, T., Lowe, D., Adams, D., Elrod, C., Castro, A.. Alarca,;(2021, June 24) A Student Perspective on Centering Student Voice [Video] Every Learner Everywhere. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBoRg2DSb9o&list=PLc9-1gBe1Xr9RsXmKAU9-qgFYlQVyHwGI&index=3

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