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ASU Remote 2020: The Future of Learning: Every Learner Everywhere, Any Time?

This spring, higher education institutions engaged in a massive and rapid transition to remote learning that exposed a new cadre of faculty with no prior online teaching experience to the use of digital learning techniques. On behalf of the Every Learner Everywhere Network, we surveyed almost 5,000 faculty who worked to transition a course from face-to-face to a remote format to understand the experience, challenges, and lessons moving forward. While the institutional response to the pandemic was at times disorganized, our findings paint a picture of a flexible professoriate readily adapting to change and keenly focused on its students’ best interests. This transition left faculty with a more positive perception of online learning; but key challenges moving forward include instructor and institutional readiness, inconsistent student experience, gaps in student access and readiness, and in institutions’ ability to fill in those gaps.

Gates Bryant of Tyton Partners, Kristen Fox of Tyton Partners and Consultant, Alan Drimmer discuss recent findings in a survey of faculty teaching remotely during the Covid pandemic.

This video is from the Remote Summit 2020.

Recommended citation:

Gates Bryant, G., Fox, K. and Drimmer, A. (2020, July 13) The Future of Learning: Every Learner Everywhere, Any Time? [Video] ASU Remote Summit.


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