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ASU Remote 2021: Teaching Equitably in Mathematics

A discussion about strategies for teaching equitably in mathematics to combat some of the inequities that exist within the field.

In this presentation, faculty Dr. Joel Amidon from the University of Mississippi and Dr. Natalie Hobson of Sonoma State University discuss equity issues particular to teaching equitably in mathematics and call out the inequities that result in unproductive relationships between minoritized students and the field of mathematics. Watch this video to join the presenters in considering how to create an inclusive and equitable mathematics environment.

Recording from the Every Learner Everywhere Ask the Expert sessions at the ASU Remote Summit in July 2021.

Recommended citation:

Amidon, J. & Hobson, N. (2021, June 9) Teaching Equitably in Mathematics [Video] ASU Remote Summit 2021. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJ3oGrlexUg&list=PLc9-1gBe1Xr-g__caGXYD8jC9gG4iSKVt&index=4

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