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Digital Learning Instructional Strategy Guide: Data-Informed Instruction With Courseware

Imagine if you could assess your students and quickly provide them with relevant instruction at the right time based on their individual and collective needs – What would your classroom look like? What would it sound like? What would your students be doing? How would they demonstrate content mastery?

This strategy guide provides faculty with four proven strategies for using data-informed instruction.

One of the benefits of teaching with digital courseware is that it enables data-informed instruction by providing a wealth of learning analytic data in real time. Data-informed instruction (DII) is the process of varying instruction based on information garnered from student work and assessment.

Many digital learning courseware use student responses to create reports that faculty can use to make instructional decisions and choose teaching strategies based on content students have mastered and content with which students struggle.

Download the Digital Learning Instructional Strategy Guides: Introduction Download Digital Learning Instructional Strategy Guide: Data-Informed Instruction with Courseware


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