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Equity in Digital Learning Student Survey

The Equity and Digital Learning Student Survey was developed for higher education departments and faculty wishing to self-assess and use evidence-based instructional practices in their courses. Specifically, it positions students’ course experiences as data to inform course and instructional improvement.

The survey scales cover multiple domains related to research-based teaching practices and course features, as well as affective domains, such as sense of belonging and the quality of classroom relationships. As a formative tool, the survey supports professional learning by framing concepts like supporting metacognition and establishing caring relationships with students as important indicators of course quality. Because it uses research-based and equitable teaching practices as a lens for examining a course, the survey can serve as a guide for creating powerful learning experiences.

In short, the survey was designed to provide instructors and course designers with valid and reliable evidence along multiple dimensions related to positive student learning experiences and academic success.

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Digital Promise (2022, October 25). Equity and Digital Learning Student Survey. Every Learner Everywhere. https://www.everylearnereverywhere.org/resources/equity-indigital-learning-student-survey/

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