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Achieving the Dream

Sharing Stories of Accomplishment, Resilience, and Student Success

For the fourth and final webinar in Achieving the Dream’s Online Teaching & Learning Through Disruption series, ATD’s Teaching and Learning team encourages you to pause, take a deep breath, and reflect with us on what has been a month unlike any other in higher education.  We will share some of the hard-won successes we’re hearing about from colleges in our network, but we also want to hear from you. This webinar will be an opportunity for attendees to share the accomplishments they and their students have achieved through this challenging transition and celebrate all that faculty and staff have done to support their students through this crisis. Finally, as we look ahead to the end of the spring semester, we’ll take a moment to think together about the needs college faculty and staff might have as they plan their summer courses for student success.

Presenters: Susan Adams, Instructional Designer at ATD; Richard Sebastian, Director of Open & Digital Learning at ATD; and Karen Stout, President and CEO of ATD; Jon Iuzzini, Director of Teaching & Learning at ATD; Francesca Carpenter, Director of Equity Initiatives at ATD


Online Teaching & Learning Through Disruption Webinar Series

A series of ATD webinars focused on supporting faculty, staff, and students during the current unprecedented closure of community college campuses across the United States. During each of these weekly sessions, we hope to accomplish three goals:

  1. Provide you with the strategies, tools, and knowledge you need to adjust to the educational and social disruptions on your campus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic
  2. Help connect you with peers, communities of practice, and other valuable external resources
  3. Hear from you about your immediate needs to help ATD’s Teaching and Learning team develop just-in-time resources and services that help you address these needs

Recommended citation:

Sebastian, R., Stout, S., Adams, S., Carpenter, F., and Iuzzini, J.(2020, April 15) Sharing stories of accomplishment, resilience, and student success [Video] Achieving the Dream. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giYNgzWR3sI

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