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A Course Redesign Project: Personalized Adaptive Learning and OER Content

Instructors will share their experiences in redesigning the first-year sequence of a language course through a university initiative focused on increasing student success in gateway courses with personalized adaptive learning. Instructors eliminated the traditional textbook and publisher courseware and used only Open Educational Resource (OER) and self-authored materials employed in the Adaptive Learning program, Realizeit. Instructors focused on challenges, such as trials in the online delivery mode, students’ prior knowledge of subject matter, textbook and courseware fatigue, and DFW rates. Learn about the process, lessons learned, and strategies implemented to leverage the benefits of online, blended, adaptive, and active learning, while working toward program-wide implementation.

Presenters: Anne Prucha and Kacie Tartt, Instructors of Modern Languages at the University of Central Florida

To view from the other recordings in the Every Learner 2021 Strategies for Success Series, please visit the playlist on the Every Learner Everywhere YouTube channel.

Recommended citation:

Prucha, A. and Tartt, K. (2021, March 21) A Course Redesign Project: Personalized Adaptive Learning and OER Content [Video] Every Learner Everywhere Strategies for Success Series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ht-HziExUv0

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