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ACAO Town Hall: DEI in the Classroom: Teaching & Curriculum Considerations

In this town hall, learn how to develop an anti-racist analytical framework, based on an anti-racist growth mindset — the belief that all people, including educators, have the potential for constant evolution and development of a more thorough understanding and practice of antiracist behaviors. The exercises and processes outlined here will help you and your team decide how and where to begin in making your academic institution a more equitable place for Black, Latinx, Indigenous, first-generation, and poverty-affected students. Speakers: Dr. Jessica Rowland Williams, Director of Every Learner Everywhere and Dr. Jeremiah Sims, Co-Founder and director of Rooted In Love Education.

Recommended citation:

Sims, J., William, J., (2022, January 28) DEI in the Classroom: Teaching & Curriculum Considerations [Webinar] ACAO Provost Town Hall. https://www.everylearnereverywhere.org/resources/acao-town-hall-dei-in-the-classroom-teaching-curriculum-considerations/

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