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ASU Remote 2020: The New Learning Compact: Building a New Approach to Continuous Learning

The disruption created by the COVID-19 pandemic underscores the vital need for continuous learning that promotes collaborative and systemic improved outcomes for students, faculty, and staff. A rapidly changing environment requires campuses to evolve as agile and adaptive learning organizations. The New Learning Compact, an Every Learner Everywhere asset, offers evidence-based principles for high impact professional development and a framework for continuous learning and strategic capacity building. This session introduces the NLC Framework and ways to leverage professional learning and development to meet the challenges of the pandemic era and prepare for a future of on-going change.

Randy Bass of Georgetown University, Bret Eynon of LaGuardia Community College, Laura Gambino of the New England Commission of Higher Education, and Noe Green of Arizona State University discuss the New Learning Compact Framework and the importance of leveraging professional learning and development during a crisis and beyond. This video is from the Remote Summit 2020.

Recommended citation:

Bass, R., Eynon, B., Gambino, L. and Green, N. (2020, July 13) The New Learning Compact: Building a New Approach to Continuous Learning [Video] Every Learner Everywhere.


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