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ATD Case Studies: Full Report Adaptive Courseware: New Models to SupportStudent Learning – Lessons learned from ATD network colleges in the Every Learner Everywhere initiative

The following report summarizes critial lessons learned from case studies conducted by ATD examining how adaptive courseware is implemented at public community colleges as well as how courseware is used in particular disciplines to better serve students. The lessons learned represent the work of hundreds of faculty and staff, and administrators in over 25 different courses from nine disciplines across the campuses of seven participating institutions, who together served more than 7,500 students throughout the pilot.

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Achieving the Dream. (March 25, 2022). Full Report Adaptive Courseware: New Models to Support Student Learning. Every Learner Everywhere and Achieving the Dream. https://www.everylearnereverywhere.org/resources/atd-case-studies-full-report-adaptive-courseware-new-models-to-supportstudent-learning-lessons-learned-from-atd-network-colleges-in-the-every-learner-everywhere-initiative/

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