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Differentiated Instruction for Equity in Higher Education

Through intentionally equitable and inclusive practices in higher education, such as Differentiated Instruction, instructors play a crucial role in improving learning outcomes and increasing course completion and graduation rates for students who have historically and systematically faced barriers to an equitable education. Educators are encouraged to get to know their students individually and, while designing courses, align lessons according to academic strengths and needs, interests, and circumstances. By differentiating the content, process, and products for each student, faculty can meet learners where they are and optimally support their comprehension and attainment of course goals. This video will provide an introduction to differentiated instruction so that you can enhance the quality of your learning environment and enable every learner to engage in relevant and meaningful education.

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Every Learner Everywhere (2020, June 25) Differentiated Instruction for Equity in Higher Education [Video] Every Learner Everywhere


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