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Guide to Building a Faculty Learning Community

The Role of an Interdisciplinary Faculty Community of Practice to Facilitate the Adoption of Adaptive Courseware

Student debt and inequity in post-secondary degree attainment have higher education administrators and faculty members increasingly concerned with improving student learning and pass rates. Faculty Learning Communities and Communities of Practice can provide a framework to support faculty members who want to make their teaching more effective, particularly for Black, Latinx, and Indigenous students, poverty-affected students, and first-generation students.

This resource describes how to build and maintain a faculty learning community, details some logistics, and provides a case study from Colorado State University along with testimonials from instructors.

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Recommended citation:

Hoke, K., MacFarland, K., Tucker, H., Buchan, T., Todd, J., Kruse, S. (2021, April 27) Guide to Building a Faculty Learning Community. Every Learner Everywhere.

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