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OLC Innovate Student Panel: Co-Constructing Diverse Pathways to Digital Learning With Our Students

Creating the quality and equitable digital learning environments of the future requires us to instantiate humanized, inclusive, and impactful experiences for our students. As a means of best aligning online, blended, and digital learning to their needs, what if we reimagined our practices and strategic processes to build our digital learning future in collaboration with our students? Bringing together the emergent themes of the conference, as well as diverse narratives of the lived-in experiences of our featured students, this plenary panel will leverage the wisdom of our students in collectively charting a path to a new reality where access to quality education within online, blended, and digital learning is inclusive of all learners, and collaboratively built from the articulated needs of our students.

OLC Innovate Virtual Conference, Thursday, April 6th, 2023

Moderators: Angela Gunder, Chief Academic Officer at the Online Learning Consortium and Samantha Agee-Roark, student at Motlow State Community College.

Student Panel: Emma Sullivan and Eddie Frausto, students at Georgia State University and Chidinmma Egemonu, May 2023 graduate at Vanderbilt University.

Recommended citation:

Gunder, A., Agee-Roark, S., Egemonu, C., Sullivan, E., and Frausto, E. (2023) If They Help Build It, They Will Come: Co-Constructing Diverse Pathways To Digital Learning With Our Students. [Webinar] Online Learning Consortium and Every Learner Everywhere. https://www.everylearnereverywhere.org/resources/olc-innovate-student-panel-co-constructing-diverse-pathways-to-digital-learning-with-our-students/

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