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Transform Engagement: Interaction and Online Course Design

Cuyahoga Community College Interaction is the glue that holds the learning environment together. Rich media tools and thoughtful student-student, student-teacher, and student-content interactions can be powerful tools in online course design that inform “how we teach” and underpin successful use of technology in the online learning environment. Examples of these online course design tools – avatars, digital storytelling, interactive online poster boards, YouTube and other instructional videos, remote polling, video conferencing, and podcasts – and how to properly incorporate them into any course are presented. Attendees have an opportunity to see these tools in action and see how they can be taken back and incorporated into their own courses to inform “how we teach”.

Speaker: Michele Hampton, Ph.D, Professor of Business Administration at Cuyahoga Community College

To view from the other recordings in the Every Learner 2021 Strategies for Success Series, please visit the playlist on the Every Learner Everywhere YouTube channel.

Recommended citation:

Hampton, M. (2021, January 22) Transform Engagement: Interaction and Online Course Design [Video] Every Learner Everywhere Strategies for Success Series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baLz–1K-SQ

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