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2022 APLU INCLUSIVE Summit: Emphasizing Care, Culture, and Community in the Classroom

INCLUSIVE: A Faculty-Focused Showcase of Equitable & Effective Teaching Practices We all strive to ensure that our teaching is informed by research and beneficial to our students, especially those who are least advantaged. Often, we rely on colleagues within our departments or teaching and learning centers for feedback and ideas. Less accessible to us are the innovative and inclusive pedagogies that are actively being piloted and refined outside of our home institutions. The INCLUSIVE summit will feature practical approaches to effective, equitable, and technology-supported teaching and learning. During this half-day, virtual event, faculty from across disciplines and institutions will share their experiences applying principles of culturally responsive teaching, digital learning, community building, and data-informed instruction to meet the needs of their courses and students. INCLUSIVE is a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded peers, learn about emerging practices, and engage in discussions about how to adapt strategies and resources for new and distinct teaching situations.

This session will focus on understanding who our students are and connecting with them in meaningful ways. We will discuss strategies for getting to know our students and using this knowledge to inform our teaching choices, assessment types, and communication throughout the course. We will also reflect on making our instruction and assignments more relevant by highlighting the ways in which our course material relates to important social issues and aspects of students’ communities.

Moderator: Patricia O’Sullivan of Every Learner Everywhere

Speakers: Susan Adams of Acheiving the Dream and Dr. Stephanie Walen, professor of English and interdisciplinary studies at the William Rainey Harper College

Recommended citation:

O’Sullivan, P., Adams, S. and Walen, S. (2022, July 13) 2022 INCLUSIVE Summit: Emphasizing Care, Culture, and Community in the Classroom [Webinar] Every Learner Everywhere. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wmf7J_3NV5Y&list=PLc9-1gBe1Xr_fKprJl3IyRpXE30yYemRv&index=7

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