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Adaptive Learning in Science Courses

In this webinar, we’ll hear from Science faculty from 2- and 4-year colleges participating in the Every Learner Everywhere Initiative. During this webinar they will discuss how they approached using adaptive learning in science courses and the effect adaptive tools have had on the course outcomes of their Science students.

* Archana Dubey, Senior Lecturer, Physics, University of Central Florida
* Jennifer Rabson, Assistant Professor, Chemistry, Amarillo College
* Jonathan Williams, Associate Professor, Physics, Cuyahoga Community College

Webinar Series Focuses on Adaptive Learning

As part of the Every Learner Everywhere initiative, ATD partners with a network of 11 higher education and digital learning organizations to advance equity and improve student outcomes at colleges and universities by providing scalable, high-quality supports for effective digital learning solutions. As part of this effort, ATD has been working with 7 ATD network colleges to integrate adaptive courseware in select foundational courses to improve student completion rates. During this series of four webinars, faculty and staff from ATD’s Every Learner colleges will share their experiences implementing adaptive learning at their colleges.

Explore how adaptive learning tools and practices can transform science courses to increase student success with educators from ATD colleges that participated in the Every Learner Everywhere initiative. The quality, availability, and effectiveness of adaptive courseware varies depending on the subject matter of the course. While there are common implementation challenges shared across disciplines, integrating adaptive learning into the curriculum of an English course, for example, often requires a different approach than for a Biology or History course. The final webinar in our Adaptive Learning series continues our exploration of the experiences community college faculty from specific disciplines have had integrating adaptive courseware into their classroom curricula.

This series is recommended for higher education professionals interested in learning more about the promise and the hype of adaptive courseware.  The webinars are sponsored by Achieving the Dream and the Every Learner Everywhere network and are free and open to everyone.

Recommended citation:

Dubey, A., Rabson, J., & Williams, J. (2020, November 18) Adaptive Learning in Science Courses [Video] Every Learner Everywhere. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KiOAfbhrEM

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