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Learning from Our Students: Student Perspectives on Good Teaching

In this third of four Strategy for Success webinars, Dr. Christine Latulippe shares her findings from student stories about what good teaching looks like and feels like to them.

Through our actions and characteristics, college instructors have the power to improve students’ experiences in higher education, and who better than students to describe the ways instructors have “got it right” and made a difference in their lives? This presentation highlights key takeaways from the recent Every Learner Everywhere publication What Our Best College Instructors Do, including real student stories about good teaching organized around evidence-based teaching practices, and equity principles in higher education. Session participants consider ways that this collection of student insights might be used to improve teaching, and also consider ways to solicit and utilize feedback from their own students. For anyone who’s ever wondered what students think about teaching and learning, this session will provide ideas to incorporate student voice into the continuous improvement of their craft as teachers.

Dr. Christine Latulippe is a Visiting Associate Professor in the Department of Education at Linfield University.

Throughout her faculty experiences at a public Hispanic-serving institution and at a private liberal arts college, Christine has promoted equity and worked to advance inclusive excellence, facilitating learning which applies to and enriches the lives of preservice and in-service teachers alike.

Many students have never known how strong their mathematical skills are because they were never given permission to share their own strategies and come to their own understanding of mathematical concepts. Christine strives to change that experience, allowing for student success and opening doors to populations who may not have yet recognized themselves as part of higher education communities.

Her most fulfilling moments are connecting with students, encouraging their questions, and providing them space to grow as teachers and learners.

Recommended citation:

Latulippe, C. (2023) Learning from Our Students: Student Perspectives on Good Teaching [Video] Every Learner Everywhere. https://www.everylearnereverywhere.org/resources/learning-from-our-students-student-perspectives-on-good-teaching/

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