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ATD Case Studies: Executive Summary Adaptive Courseware: New Models to SupportStudent Learning – Lessons learned from ATD network colleges in the Every Learner Everywhere initiative

As part of ongoing efforts to improve teaching and learning and increasestudent success, seven ATD network institutions participated in an Every Learner Everywhere network pilot project using advances in digital learning to address high failure rates in foundational courses, particularly among economically marginialized and racaily minoritized student populations. This report is an executive summary of our findingins following the implementation of digital learning tools.

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Achieving the Dream. (March 25, 2022). Executive Summary Adaptive Courseware: New Models to Support Student Learning. Acheiving the Dream and Every Learner Everywhere. https://www.everylearnereverywhere.org/resources/atd-case-studies-executive-summary-adaptive-courseware-new-models-to-supportstudent-learning-lessons-learned-from-atd-network-colleges-in-the-every-learner-everywhere-initiative/

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