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ATD Teaching & Learning Institute: An Equity Review Tool: Evaluating Instructional Materials for Equity-Minded Practice

Ready to move from the “why”, and “what” of equity, to the how? The Equity Review Tool guides educators to interrogate their practices and reflect on equitable language usage and employ strategies to support a more equitable teaching and learning process. Each step ensures that the instructional materials being used are conceptualized and constructed leveraging equity-minded skillsets and processes. Using this tool, teaching and learning professionals will be able to evaluate, develop or revise their resources to align with equity-minded practice.

Dr. Ruanda Garth-McCullough, Director, Program Development, Achieving the Dream

H Ray Keith, Program Development Consultant, Achieving the Dream

Sarah Kinnison, Program Development Consultant, Achieving the Dream

Tia Holiday, Education Strategist, Intentional Futures

Tynan Gable, Senior Strategist, Intentional Futures

Recommended citation:

Garth-McCullough, R., Keith, H.R., Kinnison, S., Holiday, T., and Gable, T. (2022, April 22) An Equity Review Tool: Evaluating Instructional Materials for Equity-minded Practice [Video] Achieving the Dream and Every Learner Everywhere.

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