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ATD Teaching & Learning Institute: Student Voices Panel: Students Explore their Experiences with Culturally Responsive Teaching

What can we learn when students share their first-hand accounts of culturally responsive teaching practices and the impact on their learning experiences? As they observe within their courses, in addition to researching practices that center students’ cultural identities in college courses, what digital tools do they share and what are the strategies that faculty are using that students feel is impacting them and other learners? What interesting elements are they noticing in the classroom environment and interactions, material choices, activities, and assessments? Three students who are ATD fellows reflect upon these answers as they research and live culturally responsive teaching pedagogy.

Moderators: Dr. Ruanda Garth-McCullough, Director, Program Development, Achieving the Dream Sarah Kinnison, Program Development Consultant, Achieving the Dream Susan Adams, Associate Director, Teaching and Learning, Achieving the Dream

Panelists: Julianne Castillo, Every Learning Everywhere Fellow, University of Hawaii Lilliane Nguyen, Every Learner Everywhere Fellow, University of Central Florida Renee Rivera Restivo, Every Learner Everywhere Fellow, Northwestern Connecticut College

Recommended citation:

Garth-McCullough, R., Kinnison, S., Adams, S., Castillo, J., Nguyen, L., and Rivera, R. (2022, April 22) Student Voices Panel: Students Explore their Experiences with Culturally Responsive Teaching [Video] Every Learner Everywhere.

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