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Designing with Adaptive Courseware: A Backward Design Planning Framework Approach

In this webinar, hosted in partnership with the Every Learner Everywhere Network, participants will examine how to ensure alignment of course instruction with adaptive content, analyze typical data points available on an adaptive courseware dashboard to encourage data-driven instruction and consider methods for effectively onboarding students. Facilitators: Kevin Dranuski, M.Ed. Senior Instructional Designer, Center for Learning Excellence (CLE), Cuyahoga Community College; Sarah Goode, Instructional Technologist, Center for Learning Excellence (CLE), Cuyahoga Community College; and Dr. Tanya Scott, Ph.D, Associate Director of Teaching and Learning, Achieving the Dream

Recommended citation:

Dranuski, K., Goode, S., Scott, T.,(2021, November 3) Designing with Adaptive Courseware [Webinar] Achieving the Dream Teaching and Learning Through Disruption Series. https://www.achievingthedream.org/event/18637/designing-with-adaptive-courseware-a-backwards-design-planning-framework-approach

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