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Designing with Equity and Engagement at the Forefront

Expert insight and tips on designing online courses with equity and engagement at the forefront. The virtual event showcases best practice, techniques and tools for digital teaching in higher education.

Presenter: Angela Gunder, Chief Academic Officer at the Online Learning Consortium

To view from the other recordings in the Every Learner 2021 Strategies for Success Series, please visit the playlist on the Every Learner Everywhere YouTube channel.

Recommended citation:

Gunder, A. (2021, April 2) Designing with equity and engagement at the forefront [Video]. Every Learner Everywhere Strategy for Success Series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iF0vP4C0CF8

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In this report, we first describe our survey design. Second, we discuss the survey respondents’ demographic data. Third, we present the survey results broken into two main sections: one focused on use of culturally relevant instructional practices and one focused on use of culturally relevant course materials. This report concludes with implications for practice and future research on culturally relevant content in postsecondary education and gateway courses.

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The Equity-Minded Digital Learning Strategy Guides help faculty intentionally and authentically affirm, uplift, and liberate students. As higher education continues to address eliminating inequitable outcomes in teaching and learning, these guides will help institutions embed equity, culturally responsive teaching, social justice education, and open pedagogy through evidence-based teaching practices.