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Development and Implementation of Active, Interactive, and Adaptive Physics Courses

Focusing on increasing student success, faculty share experiences of developing and implementing active, interactive, and adaptive introductory physics courses. This includes the development of three courses, an algebra-based general physics course, a calculus-based general physics course, and a bio-medically focused physics course for pre-health and life-sciences majors on the adaptive platform Cogbooks. The courses were designed to create low-cost options using open educational resources (OER) serving large student populations with a wide range of foundational skills, learning paces, and learning preferences. The courses support and aid student learning in terms of math remediation, scaffolded questions, interactive simulations, and content presented in different formats such as text and videos. The design allows students to work at their own pace, choosing support items presented to them via the adaptive feature of the course, and explore concepts through simulations with activities. The new courses been offered for three years.

Speaker: Dr. Priya Jamkhedkar, Physics Instructor, Portland State University

This webinar is the third of four in the virtual faculty workshop: Educational Equity through Digital Learning.

Recommended citation:

Jamkhedkar, P. (2021, July 27) Development and Implementation of Active, Interactive, and Adaptive Physics Courses [Webinar] Educational Equity Through Digital Learning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efR4FfDJsuA&list=PLc9-1gBe1Xr85-bIjyeTuzZYhDAS3ZVaA&index=3

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