Every Learner Everywhere
Achieving the Dream

Designing Assessments Through a Culturally Responsive Lens

This workshop provides examples of successful innovative and digital assessment approaches that center students and allow for authentic and culturally responsive measurement of student learning. Additionally, participants will learn strategies to deconstruct their own assignments and outcomes.


Jason Leggett, JD Kingsborough Community College Behavioral Sciences, Fulltime Faculty

Tasia Vandervegt, M.A. Sociology Instructor

Lydia Cdebaca-Cruz, PhD Austin Community College Adjunct Professor of Humanities and Composition and Literary Studies

Recommended citation:

Leggett, J., Vandervegt, T., and Cdebaca, L. (2022, April 12) Designing Assessments Through a Culturally Responsive Lens [Video] Achieving the Dream and Every Learner Everywhere. https://www.everylearnereverywhere.org/resources/designing-assessments-through-a-culturally-responsive-lens/

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