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Leveraging Federal COVID-19 Relief Funding to Support Digital Learning

The pandemic has changed post-secondary education – likely in permanent ways. Digital learning, while certainly important before, has become a ubiquitous concept on campuses across the country. New technologies and research have identified ways to support students and drive better outcomes for their educational journey. Establishing and improving effective digital learning resources (if done well) requires investment.

With digital learning being a main tool in responding to the new normal of the pandemic, using available federal relief funds to invest in these resources and technologies can be a key strategy for institutions. This webinar will bring together experts on federal policy and digital learning, as well as exemplar institutions who are taking advantage of the unique opportunities afforded by federal resources to move their campuses forward.

The webinar answers the following questions:

1. Which available federal relief funds or other federal sources can be used to support digital learning? What does the future hold for federal support?

2. What is digital learning and how can it equitably support student success?

3. What are strategies to make the most of these one-time funds to support student success?

4. How can equity be embedded in digital learning strategies?

5. How are institutions measuring and evaluating their digital learning approaches?

Moderator: Van Davis, Chief Strategy Officer at WCET and Service Design and Strategy Officer at Every Learner Everywhere
Panelists: Craig Lindwarm, Vice President, Governmental Affairs, Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU);
Andrea Ballinger, Vice Provost and Chief Information Officer at Oregon State University;
Stephanie Wickman, Director of Instructional Design and Educational Technology at Front Range Community College; and
Jessica Rowland Williams, Director of Every Learner Everywhere

Recommended citation:

Ballinger, A., Rowland Williams, J., Davis, V., Lindwarm, C., and Wickman, S. (2022, April 25) Leveraging Federal COVID-19 Relief Funding to Support Digital Learning [Webinar] WCET and Every Learner Everywhere. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFAzY1fVaZk

Reading Resources: These three white papers shed light on why a digital divide persists and how institutions can advocate for its closure, including by securing newly available federal funds.

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